Hormones for fibroids

Hormones for fibroids

Why is uterine fibroids considered one of the most common female problems? What are the features of her treatment?

The causes of fibroids are not completely clear. But there are a number of factors predisposing to it. One of them is hormonal failure. It is no coincidence that uterine fibroids are a common problem in women with menstrual irregularities, obesity and mastopathy.

Defective sex life can be the cause of the disease. Another factor is inflammatory diseases of the uterus, which often occur after surgery. Including after the artificial termination of pregnancy.

Even a woman’s lifestyle can affect the development of the disease. Myoma is detected more often if the work is associated with strong emotional stress and low physical activity.

Another important reason is adverse heredity. It leads to the occurrence of fibroids in almost all women in the family.

Big or small

Most often, fibroids are multiple and small. Such nodules usually do not cause a woman much concern.

But sometimes the fibroid “manifests itself.” A woman begins to worry about pain in the lower back, heavy and prolonged menstruation. Without treatment, such “regular bleeding” results in anemia. Because of what appear pallor, weakness, dizziness.

Sometimes, due to the large size of the tumor, problems arise with the bladder. A woman begins to be shy about her colleagues, she is afraid to leave for a long time from home.

Radical approach

Today, the main method of combating myoma is surgical intervention. Do not put this off in the long box. Especially women who plan to have a baby.

One of the most sparing operations is myomectomy. In this case, only myomatous nodes are removed, and the uterus itself is almost not damaged. In the future, this enables the woman to normally endure pregnancy.

Such an operation can be done laparoscopically – through several small punctures in the abdominal wall. This allows you to avoid scars and recover quickly after treatment.

Another method is embolization of the uterine arteries. Through a special catheter, the smallest particles of plastic are introduced into the lumen of the artery that feeds the myoma. As a result, the flow of blood to the tumor stops, it decreases in size.
To avoid inflammation after the procedure, for three months a woman should not use hygienic tampons.

For some time you can not take aspirin, vitamin E. There is a chance that this will affect the outcome of the operation – the blood supply to the tumor will resume.

Sensor for fibroids

Of course, not every tumor needs to be operated on. If for many years the myoma does not increase, it can be left alone.

The only recommendation is to have an ultrasound scan at least twice a year. Better on the same days of the menstrual cycle. This will allow you to observe the “behavior” of fibroids.

It should be noted that the most informative method is the so-called transvaginal examination, when a special sensor of the ultrasound apparatus is fed through the vagina directly to the uterus. If a small fibroid has a tendency to grow, then it is time to resort to medication. As a rule, hormonal drugs are basic.

Vitamins and herbs are also used in the treatment of fibroids. Many people prefer traditional methods of getting rid of the tumor, they start drinking fruit and vegetable juices. However, this cannot be done without a doctor’s recommendation.

As for the lifestyle, with a disease such as myoma, you do not need to get involved in tanning beds, saunas and baths. And without the need not to resort to physiotherapy.

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