Hormonal nuances

Hormonal nuances

“My climax started. I asked my gynecologist if I could be prescribed hormone replacement therapy. He said that this is undesirable because I smoke. How can I deal with poor health then? ” – Client.

Hormone replacement therapy is really the easiest way to easily survive menopause. Drugs are prescribed that normalize the hormonal background and eliminate all unpleasant sensations. Now there are a lot of such medicines, and each woman can really choose what she needs. This also applies to smokers. But there is one caveat.

Usually hormonal drugs are recommended to be taken in tablets. They include two components – estrogen and progestogen. Both are absorbed in the intestines. For women who smoke, this option is not suitable. It is better if they have an estrogen component that penetrates through the skin. Therefore, they are prescribed ointments or patches with estrogen, which can be applied to any part of the body except the mammary glands. Their tissue is very sensitive to female sex hormones, so some complications are possible. Those will not be if you apply the ointment to the buttock, shoulder or thigh.

As for progesterone, smoking women, too, would be nice to get it not in tablets. Several options are possible here. For example, a doctor may prescribe suppositories containing the necessary hormone. Then every day a woman should rub estrogen ointment into her skin. And immediately after that enter the candle.

But there is a more convenient way out of the situation – the hormonal secreting intrauterine system Mirena. It is set for five years, and dosed amounts of progesterone are constantly supplied to the blood. It remains only to use the ointment with estrogen daily. It must be applied at the same time to clean skin.

This method of obtaining hormone replacement therapy is recommended not only for smoking women. It is prescribed for impaired liver function, with gallstone disease, anemia and pathology of the blood coagulation system. Women with migraines also need to avoid taking pills. In this situation, it is also necessary to give preference to the separate administration of hormonal components. Otherwise, headaches are likely to increase.

“Some time ago, my menstrual cycle started to fail. Irritability appeared, pressure began to increase. The doctor prescribed me hormones. After that, everything returned to normal. “I have been taking pills for several years, can I give them up now?” – Client.

Such decisions are made purely individually, after consultation with a doctor.

But if the treatment was prescribed in premenopause, then it is better to take drugs until the onset of menopause. It is quite difficult to determine it, because against the background of taking pills, a normal menstrual cycle is maintained. Menstruation comes regularly. Therefore, you need to focus on the age of the woman. The average figure is 51.4 years. That is when menopause in the vast majority of women sets in.

Therefore, hormone replacement therapy is recommended to be obtained at least until this age.

“I have mastopathy. Menopause has recently started, and the doctor offered me hormone therapy. But I read that it is dangerous for breast diseases. “ – Client.

To date, there is no evidence that hormone replacement therapy provokes diseases of the mammary glands.

Moreover, we can say that women receiving such treatment are less likely to have serious diseases of the mammary glands. Hormones have nothing to do with it. Just doctors carefully examine their patients. Before starting therapy, they should:

  • undergo a thorough medical examination. It definitely includes mammography. If cancer is detected, then HRT, of course, is not prescribed. But less serious diseases – mastopathy, nodular formations
  • to absolute contraindications do not apply. It’s just that the drug is selected taking into account the disease. The choice of medicine is a joint task of the gynecologist and mammologist.

Then, after the start of treatment, such patients should regularly do an ultrasound of the mammary glands. It is carried out at intervals of six months. In addition, a bimanual breast examination is performed for a woman at each visit to the gynecologist.

All this leads to the fact that among women resorting to HRT, serious diseases of the mammary glands are rare.

“I am 58 years old, menopause has long come. Recently, hypertension has appeared. The doctor advised me on hormone replacement therapy, because they lower blood pressure. But I do not want to accept them. Am I right? ”- Client.

Long enough HRT was prescribed for the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, especially hypertensive and ischemic diseases. And such treatment was very effective. Against the background of taking hormones, the pressure decreased, the level of cholesterol and other biochemical parameters returned to normal. Now the situation has changed a bit.

For this purpose, therapy is prescribed only to those women who are in premenopause. If menopause has already begun, then it is not advisable to recommend hormones to reduce pressure. It is better to give preference to drugs designed specifically to combat hypertension.

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