Conceiving a child after taking antibiotics by a man

Conceiving a child after taking antibiotics by a man

There is still debate about whether taking antibiotics affects the conception of a child. However, recent studies have shown that antibacterial agents significantly reduce male fertility and may even lead to temporary infertility. What is this influence and how can it be reduced?

Effects of antibiotics on conceiving a child

Antibacterial drugs aggressively affect pathogens: they destroy the nuclei and membranes of their cells, change the structure of RNA – as a result, bacteria lose their ability to reproduce and die. However, antibiotics have the same effect on healthy cells, including sperm. As a result:

  • DNA fragmentation increases (that is, genetic material is damaged).
  • Sperm production is impaired.
  • The sperm secret changes. It becomes more viscous and acidic, which negatively affects the fertilizing ability of sperm.
  • The structure of the sperm is disrupted.
  • Their mobility decreases.

It is important to consider one more point. Antibiotics are not prescribed out of the blue. This means that the reason for prescribing antibiotics – a bacterial infection – also affects the state of sperm. An increase in body temperature, a common symptom of infectious diseases, impairs sperm motility and leads to their death.

Is it possible to conceive a child while taking antibiotics?

Despite the fact that many sperm cells die as a result of both disease and antibiotic therapy, there is still a chance of conception when a man takes antibiotics. However, keep in mind that in such a situation, sperm cells may contain damaged genetic material, and this can lead to a miscarriage in a woman, pathologies of fetal development.

To avoid such consequences, doctors recommend using contraception for 3 months after the course of treatment.

How to prepare for conception after a course of antibiotic therapy?

Three months, or rather about 75 days, is the time it takes for sperm to mature. Therefore, if you stand for three months after taking antibiotics, then during this time the sperm will be completely renewed.

Antioxidants will significantly help the body during the recovery period after illness. For example, the Synergin complex (you can learn more about the product here) reduces the number of sperm with DNA fragmentation, helps the male reproductive system to cope with the effects of inflammation. All this contributes to an increase in male fertility and health in general.

In addition, for three months after illness, it is important to provide a nutritious diet with sufficient protein – both animal and plant origin. They are needed by the immune system, weakened illness and antibiotics to recover and produce enough immune cells.

You should also during this period abandon all activities that can cause an increase in temperature in the groin area: baths and saunas, hot baths, heavy physical exertion and cycling. It is important not to use tight underwear during this period.

If you follow the recommendations, then after three months male fertility will be restored, and the chances of a happy pregnancy will greatly increase.

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