How to bring the onset of women’s days

How to bring the onset of women’s days

The female body is very sensitive to various adverse factors that can affect the monthly cycle, and shift its schedule. Delayed menstruation can be associated with climate change, medication, or various diseases. If the schedule is stable for several years, breaking it is dangerous. In most cases, gynecological diseases can cause such a delay, in the list of reasons also nervous and mental diseases, diseases of internal organs. Pregnancy, which delays the onset of the cycle for 11 months or more, should not be ruled out.

Based on the foregoing, the causes of such a delay in the absence of pregnancy can be various diseases, so is it worth fighting only with a delay, and not with diseases? It is probably best to consult a doctor who can determine the cause through various studies. To restore the cycle, the doctor can prescribe a course of hormone therapy, after which menstruation will come on the fourth or fifth day. If you do not consult a doctor on time, the case may result in complications.

How to provoke a cycle earlier

Despite warnings, fear of doctors, a desire to cope with problems or for other reasons, a woman still tries to intervene, and cause menstruation on her own.

Basically, the adjustment takes place for very significant reasons for the woman – vacation, an important business trip, a date with a man or even a wedding. A wedding is very important, probably one of the most important stages in the life of any woman.

Undoubtedly, a woman has the right to decide the issue of interference with her own health on her own, but often such interference is not beneficial. Savvy girls “developed” many ways to speed up the process, most of these methods are quite affordable. But, even if you achieve a result, the cycle will most likely not be so plentiful and you will still have to go to the doctor. Taking any medication will lead to a similar result, so if you already try to shift the menstrual cycle, then only with gentle methods.

In the arsenal of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers were time-tested funds. Very often parsley was used, from which a decoction was prepared. It was necessary to take the broth for five days – 100 grams in the morning and before bedtime. To enhance the effect, taking a decoction can be combined with eating fresh parsley, which can be eaten in bunches, as well as in salads.

Tansy, which grows abundantly in the middle lane, has proven itself well. Tansy is considered a medicinal plant, sold in pharmacies. A decoction of tansy is prepared as follows: brew two tablespoons of the plant in 200 grams of boiling water, let it infuse for 30 minutes, and consume 70 grams inside, morning, afternoon and evening 20-30 minutes before eating. If tansy is not at hand, you can use chamomile. Chamomile is able to provoke the onset of menstruation, if you use tea from it. He insists for 20 minutes, is drunk three times a day. When taking infusions of herbs, you need to sensitively listen to your own body – if rashes, itching, redness, bowel disorders occur, you should stop taking the medication.

How to bring the onset

A potent remedy is a bay leaf, which is surely available in any housewife. In order for the days of the cycle to come earlier, a decoction infused on the bay leaf is used. In 400 grams of water you need to load a bag (10 grams) of bay leaves, bring to boiling water, and cook for 5 minutes by removing the lid. You need to infuse the broth for three hours (preferably in a thermos), after which the broth is filtered, and drunk in several doses before meals for one day. The effect comes the very next day. With bay leaf you need to be careful – an overdose can lead to severe bleeding.

Herbal collection of chamomile, oregano and valerian has a less radical and more sparing effect. The collection is prepared as follows: grind and mix 3 parts of oregano and chamomile, and 3 parts of valerian root. A tablespoon of the finished broth is steamed in boiling water for an hour. You need to take the infusion of 100 grams daily in the morning and evening, until the result appears.

Another collection, consisting of elecampane, radiola root, peppermint, nettle, yarrow and knotweed, also has a good effect. All these components must be taken in equal proportions, crushed and mixed. Two tablespoons of the collection must be poured with one liter of boiling water, and insisted for 12 hours, then strain, and drink 100 grams of infusion in the morning, and the remaining 900 grams throughout the day.

Onion husk is an excellent preparation for stimulating menstruation. In order for the broth to be “rich”, you need to stock up on a lot of husk. Throughout the day, you need to drink 2-3 glasses of decoction, in which case the desired effect will come the next day.

What can be done at home

Hot baths are considered an excellent alternative to taking medications and herbs, the effect of which can be enhanced by ingesting hot mulled wine or wine. Hot foot baths, a sauna and a bath have the same effect. For the full effect after a bath, a bath and a sauna, intimacy is desirable, this tones the uterus, which, combined with the flow of blood to the genitals, will cause menstruation. Contraindications to bathing procedures can be high blood pressure and diseases of the ovaries and uterus.


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