Frozen ovaries in women

Frozen ovaries in women

Why do some women in the prime of life suddenly lose their ovarian function?

It seems to many that premature ovarian failure is the same as early menopause. Actually not quite so. The bottom line is that a woman at a young and middle age disrupts the cyclic work of the ovaries. They deplete the number of follicles – prototypes of future eggs. Due to the lack of many hormones at once, they do not grow, do not mature. As a result, a woman has had no ovulation for months. Menstruation disappears for a long time. Naturally, in this condition, she cannot become pregnant.

However, this violation differs from true menopause in its reversibility. After a temporary extinction, the work of the ovaries suddenly recovers. The level of sex hormones rises again. And a woman can even conceive a child. True, the chances of such a development are not so high and make up only 5-10 percent. Therefore, hoping for a miracle, such ladies are still not worth it. Need to seek help from specialists.

The points

Ovarian insufficiency should be considered if a woman under 40 years old has no menstruation for more than four months. Plus, the level of follicle-stimulating hormone is increased. The decline in function is also accompanied by a decrease in the levels of estrogen, testosterone, anti-Muller hormone and inhibin B.

It has now become known that early aging of the ovaries is associated with the immune system, genetics, a woman’s lifestyle, and environmental influences. All this is examined point by point.

The next step is to check your thyroid gland. Indeed, in almost a third of cases, the ovaries die away due to a decrease in its function.

Cunning genes

A genetic trail has recently been discovered in the development of ovarian problems. It turns out that there is a gene in which changes lead to early – already at 28 years old – ovarian exhaustion. And all of a sudden, without any warning signals.

Therefore, now doctors want to introduce general medical genetic testing for this gene. All young women 18–25 years old will be tested accordingly. And according to its results, risk groups for premature ovarian aging will be created. They are recommended two options for solving problems.

First, family education in the early reproductive period – from 19–20 years old. With a modified gene, this is very important. Indeed, every year the risk of “turning off” the function increases.

The second option is cryopreservation of their own eggs. While the woman’s ovaries are working properly, quality follicles are taken from them. They are frozen in a special storage – a cryobank and stored there until the time when the woman decides to have a baby. Then the eggs are thawed, fertilized and planted for bearing.

In addition, it is important for women at risk of early ovarian exhaustion to avoid unnecessary operations in gynecology. Even with serious diseases – myomas, cysts, endometriosis, polycystic – conservative treatment is preferable.

Hormone patch

But premature ovarian failure is not only a pregnancy problem. Hormone deficiency can also lead to early withering of the skin, thinning of bones, adverse changes in blood vessels, problems in the emotional sphere. All this reduces the quality of life.

Therefore, almost always women with such a diagnosis are prescribed hormone replacement therapy. That is, the regular introduction of two female hormones – estrogen and progesterone in a cyclic mode. It lasts up to 51 years – the middle age of natural menopause.

Such treatment not only does not interfere, but also contributes to the onset of pregnancy – spontaneous or against the background of stimulation of ovulation. In this case, there are different ways of introducing hormones – inside in the form of tablets, vaginal suppositories or a skin patch.

Even if a woman has fibroids or endometriosis, this is not an obstacle to treatment. There are medications that are compatible with these problems and even reduce their volume.

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