These foods lead to gastritis, ulcers and heartburn

These foods lead to gastritis, ulcers and heartburn

The human digestive system is complex, has a clear structure and many tasks. The debugged work of the gastrointestinal tract can withstand many strokes: attacks of microbes, disturbances in the diet and drinking, organ diseases. Nevertheless, it refers to the digestive tract always with trepidation and care, because systematic violations sooner or later will make themselves felt. Therefore, choosing food that is healthy for the stomach, it is worth remembering about the food that harms health.

Among them there are 6 food products, the abuse of which is especially dangerous:

1. Sweet soda. It oversaturated the gastrointestinal tract with carbon dioxide, which provokes the occurrence of stomach ulcers, gastritis and colitis. Dyes that contain such drinks often provoke allergic reactions; and excess sugar is diabetes.

2. Fast food, convenience foods and chips. They are harmful due to the huge amount of carcinogens and other harmful substances. It is believed that the abuse of deep-fried food provokes the uncontrolled growth of cancer cells in the stomach and intestines.

3. Buns, cakes, sweets and cookies. Ox is made in the factory using non-beneficial fats and various additives. Particles into which such substances break down in the digestive tract lead to allergies, heartburn and inflammation of the intestinal tract.

Excess fat causes heaviness and discomfort, so it is important to monitor the quality and quantity of fats consumed, giving preference to foods that are good for the stomach: fish, vegetable oils, nuts and seeds.

4. Smoked products, sausages and sausages. They are saturated with various emulsifiers, flavors, colorants and other synthetic additives. The regular consumption of such products in food leads to a violation of metabolic processes in the body, allergies and stomach diseases.

5. Mayonnaise and margarine. These products are considered the most unhealthy food. Their composition raises great doubts, and the results of addiction to such food are unambiguous: upsets, heartburn, gastritis.

6. Canned food. They are harmful to the digestive tract due to the processing methods that are resorted to in the factory to extend the preservation of products. The abundance of such substances is dangerous and causes intestinal diseases, indigestion. Even canned vegetables and fruits are not considered healthy.

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