6 rules for taking antibiotics that you must follow

6 rules for taking antibiotics that you must follow

Antibiotics occupy an important place in our lives. In ancient times, there were no antibiotics. People were dying of tuberculosis, plague and other diseases that are now easily treated with antibiotics.

Antibiotics are active only against bacteria. Antibiotics are powerless against viral infections, and if used improperly, antibiotics can worsen the condition. Therefore, it is very important to observe several rules for the use of antibiotics.

1.Take antibiotics only as directed by your doctor.

Antibiotics are effective only for bacterial infections. You can distinguish a bacterial infection from a viral infection only with the help of tests.

Antibiotics are a very aggressive medicine and can both cure and cripple. If you yourself prescribed antibiotics, you can get dysbiosis and intestinal problems as a “bonus”.

2. Keep a diary of the disease.

If you want to be prescribed the most suitable antibiotic for you, write down all the features of the disease. What did you eat, drink, how many times, and how did you go to the toilet, what drugs do you take, and what drugs were prescribed before.

All these data will reveal the picture of the disease to your doctor and it will be easier for him to prescribe a suitable drug. This is especially true for children!

3. Observe the timing and frequency of admission.

The duration of treatment is determined by the doctor. Usually it is 7-10 days, sometimes 14 days. The multiplicity of the drug is also determined by the doctor. If you need to drink an antibiotic 3 times a day, then you need to drink the medicine for 8 hours. This is done so that a certain antibiotic concentration is maintained in the body, otherwise the effectiveness of the treatment will decrease.

4. Observe the dosage of the antibiotic.

Sometimes people themselves reduce or increase the dosage of the drug. The former fear that the antibiotic will harm the body, and the latter think that they will heal faster.

Both of them are mistaken. With a decrease in dosage, bacterial resistance to the drug may develop. The same process can occur when the drug is stopped early.

And with an increase in dosage, allergies, problems with the gastrointestinal tract and intoxication of the body can occur.

5. Drink antibiotics correctly.

Drink antibiotics with clean, warm water. In no case should you drink medicine with milk, tea, coffee, alcohol, carbonated drinks. And if you drink antibiotics with citrus juice, the effectiveness of drugs, including antibiotics, decreases.

6. Follow a diet.

During the disease, you should refuse fast food, canned, smoked, salty, fatty foods. Eat fruits, vegetables, cereals, boiled meat, fish. Eat when you have an appetite, do not force yourself. Sometimes the body itself directs all forces to fight the disease, and therefore it simply does not have enough energy to digest food.

Drink plenty of clean still water, unsweetened juices, compotes, fruit drinks.

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