Immune infertility

Immune infertility

“My husband and I cannot conceive a child for two years. We performed all the standard studies, and everything seems to be normal. And recently I heard that there is a certain “cervical factor of infertility”. Maybe this is just our option? ” – patient.

Natural selection

Indeed, there is such a diagnosis – cervical infertility factor. It is associated with a special condition of the cervix. Because of it, normal sperm cannot penetrate the egg and fertilize it. They are simply immobilized. This phenomenon indicates immune infertility in a pair.

The fact is that fluid inside the cervix is ​​a unique medium. Normally, she should not let bad sperm into the uterus. But at the same time, she must perceive the normal sex cells of her husband. Protect “zinger” from an aggressive vaginal environment. Supply them with energy and store them temporarily until they enter the uterus.

Compatibility test

In order to diagnose cervical factor of infertility in the family, a special study is being conducted – a Shuvarsky test.

This is the only analysis that gives an idea of ​​how the internal environment of female organs acts on the sex cells of the husband.

The test is performed in reproduction clinics. The analysis is carried out at a time close to the ovulation of the wife in this particular cycle. Optimal – one to two days before the release of a mature egg. This point can be tracked using ultrasound or home tests for ovulation.

It is important that in the diagnostic cycle a woman does not take drugs – ovulation stimulants. They can change the fluid in the neck and distort the result of the analysis.

Before the test, spouses are advised to refrain from intimate contacts for at least two days. The merger should occur the night before analysis. During it, you can not use lubricants, and after it – take a bath. Allowed only a shared shower.

On the appointed day, a woman arrives at the clinic. The doctor takes a smear from her cervical canal. And it determines the number of actively motivated sperm and their survival several hours after proximity.

A microscopic analysis of the sample is also performed. They look for dead cells and white blood cells in it. Assess the level of acidity – pH. Normally, this parameter is 6.4–8.0 units. A more acidic environment makes sperm immobile. And alkaline, on the contrary, increases their activity.

No panic

The result of the sample may be negative or positive. A negative result speaks in favor of the cervical factor of infertility. Nevertheless, a single analysis does not make such a diagnosis. After all, its cause may be too early or too late a study. Local inflammation or low levels of estrogen hormones also affect the outcome.

All these “troubles” are fixable. Therefore, the doctor prescribes treatment. And next month – a second control test.

However, a negative analysis is also an occasion to examine men’s health. First of all, a man should pass the MAR test. He will determine if insidious substances – antisperm antibodies – are produced in his body. They work against a man’s own germ cells and make conception impossible.

To eliminate such an immune conflict, spouses are prescribed special treatment. As a rule, the wife is advised to stop contact with her husband’s sperm for several months. At this time, the spouse takes medications that affect the immune system.

If such treatment does not help, methods of assisted reproductive technologies – IVF and artificial insemination – come to the rescue.

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